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Just an FYI, I worked for Keo's in Honolulu, my experience in making this dish is to add Sriracha Sauce, and approx 1 TBL brown sugar. I recall they also add julienne cut bamboo shoots to the dish. Typically served with stickey rice. There is a cookbook he published with the recipe, but evidentally omitted a few "secret" ingredients. I believe the sauce and sugar are 2 of a few...good luck! The dish is truly excellent.

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VINTAGECHROME April 22, 2010

I have made this many times adding bamboo shoots, aparagus, straw mushrooms, baby corn and beans. I have Keo's cookbook and I grow Kaffir lime leaves, galanagal, chili, lemon grass and basil so I can make any of his recipes any time. Prepping the ingredients takes the most time, the cooking is very fast and the fresh herbs smell wonderful. Thank you for posting

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Amy in Hawaii February 08, 2009

Delicious and so easy to make! I couldn't find lime leaves this time so I just made it without. Still totally tasty.

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andrea.eve.mur January 20, 2014

I LOVE this recipe. It is so different than a "regular" curry; so fresh tasting! Two of us devoured the entire dish. I could eat it for dessert I think! Forgive me for changing anything of the esteemed recipe creator (Keo), but I put the chili's, lemongrass & kaffir lime leaves in the blender with a little oil & water to make a paste which I then sauteed. I appreciate VINTAGECHROME's suggestion to add the brown sugar & Sriracha sauce which definitely enhanced the taste. WOW!! I added fresh green beans cuz I had them & actually loved them in the dish, along with the julienned bamboo shoots. Thank-you so much for sharing this dish & thanks for the reviews as well!

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Loves nature August 13, 2012

We loved it. I'll make this again and again. Thanks

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dustyri December 27, 2008
Evil Jungle Prince With Chicken